About Vishesh Computer Education Society

There was an idea to serve society by any means. So the best means we got which not only help to enhance one’s skills but also help us to serve the society is Education. To provide education & to establish, maintain and run skill development training, vocational education & other skill related vocational courses in various sectors such as computers, accountancy, accounting software, retail management, hospitality, languages, mobile and laptop repairing, banking and insurance related courses, automobile repairs, air conditioning and refrigeration repair courses, construction related courses, pathology, nursing courses and the like skill development and skill enhancing courses with an objective of providing skill training in all variety of industrial skills required in small towns and cities to provide the youth from such places a sustainable employment in their native areas.  

We strongly believe that the service of nation can be done by providing the youth of the country an option to earn their living with dignity and respect and we made this our mission. We have collaborated with various Government organizations to take up this mission and to provide affordable training avenues to the underprivileged youth. 

We are proud to be a partner in the process of skills creation and empowerment of our youth, and hope our endeavors will assist in social inclusion becoming a reality in our nation. So with this thought we started new journey. It is been right said that the Bed are not full of roses it also contain thrones too. We also faced lots of hurdles as like thrones in my journey. Many a time we fail, we fall but we never decide to quit, as we learn that the one loses when he either thought to quit or quit. Our journey started as a tutor, we have started teaching B.Com level students, and their after with the success and time demand we started my own coaching center, as success not always remain with you, and the time came we had to close our Centre. But their after we have done research about our incapability and tried to find the reason of our failure. And with the time we learn a lot and later provided a shape to my vision in a face of OM Academy in 2007.

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Our Vision

Put a fire of confidence and motivation in each and every child by self ignition, so that they can illuminate their personality and achieve their goals.

Our youth are the building blocks of our nation. Its a fact that the more stronger and capable the youth; the more developed and powerful the nation is.

Our youth has infinite potential. If we want to become a superpower in the coming next year, we have to raise and train our kids in such a way so that they can unleash their inner potential and talent to make our dream come true.

Our Mission

Dr. kalam has a dream of developed india.Based on his dream we have ignited a mission.

Mission Youth Empowerment : INDIA 2020

In this mission we'll touch and change the lives of 1,00,000 youngsters of india till 2020.

We'll demonstrate and train them how to unleash the magical powers of their brain. They will be able to use their abilities in such a way that they can touch the skies as they want for their bright and prosperous future.